Healthy Transformation® Medical Weight Management Support Program

Being clinically overweight is a complex condition resulting from multiple environmental and genetic factors.1 Research indicates that weight management success is enhanced through the implementation of specific long-term behaviors, including the use of a meal replacement program and frequent attendance at treatment sessions.2

Clinical studies have also shown that meal replacements are a valuable tool for both weight loss and weight loss maintenance, and are recommended by Expert Working Groups (EWGs) to support weight loss efforts.3,4 Meal replacements in both VLCD (very low-calorie diet) and LCD (low-calorie diet) plans have been shown to produce greater total weight loss, and a greater proportion of participants meet their total weight loss goals both in the short-term (three months) and longer term (12 months) compared to an LCD without the use of MRs.5,6

The Healthy Transformation Medical Weight Management Support Program from Bariatric Advantage® was designed to support the recommendations of major medical societies. Scroll down to learn more about how a practitioner-led lifestyle program utilizing meal replacements can help you successfully manage your weight for a lifetime.

Getting Results with Your Healthcare Practitioner

Number 1
Know your numbers

It may be helpful to understand your unique caloric and physical activity needs to reach your goal weight within a specific time frame and to maintain this weight loss. Your healthcare practitioner can guide you with this using a weight loss trajectory tool that you monitor.

Number 2
Take the recommended servings of meal replacements and allowable foods daily

In the beginning phase, it’s recommended that you follow a highly structured meal plan until you feel comfortable crafting your own meals.

Number 3
Self-monitor your weight, food intake, and physical activity every day

Self-monitoring can help you pinpoint your strengths and can offer you and your healthcare practitioner opportunities to brainstorm solutions for areas that tend to be more challenging for you.

The Healthy Transformation Way
The Four Principles of Lifetime Weight Management

The Healthy Transformation Medical Weight Management Support Program is clinically designed to support the medical professional based on the fundamental understanding that weight management is a condition requiring a lifetime approach.


A physician leads a multidisciplinary team that evaluates, diagnoses, and develops a comprehensive care plan.


Long-Term Surveillance
Critical patient metrics are tracked against the plan, enabling the healthcare practitioner to intervene when out of range.


Patient Education
Patients learn key insights about their condition and how to manage it lifelong.


Patient Self-Treatment
Patients are partners in their care plan, and by initiating or eliminating specific behaviors, they support the long-term management of their weight.


“It’s not a short-term diet. It’s a long-term lifestyle change.”

Delivering Advanced Weight Management

transformation family

Specially-formulated macronutrients
Designed to complement a modified Mediterranean, high-protein, or ketogenic diet plan

Essential nutrients
Provide essential vitamins, minerals, and EPA/DHA for general wellness support*

Optimized formula
Strategically designed to support very low-calorie or low-calorie diet plans

Ketogenic options
Provide products to support ketogenic diets

Probiotic support
Features specialized probiotics that provide unique benefits*

Healthy fat
Features clinically studied medium-chain triglycerides concentrated to 90% C8 + C10 fatty acids

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Our Commitment to You

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References to these associations are not intended as an endorsement of the Healthy Transformation Program.


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